The Better Land - Volume One
Detailed Track List

Some of these tracks are issued for the first time ever. The original 78 rpm recordings have been digitally restored using the Cedar process. Due to the age of the recordings, the level of surface noise varies between tracks.

The information is as presented on the original 78 rpm recordings.

[1] The Better Land (Hemans-Cowen - special arrangement by Doris Arnold for Denis Wright) Master Denis Wright With Doris Arnold's Kentucky Minstrels Conductor Leslie Woodgate Robinson Cleaver - organ Rec. Grande Theatre, Llandudno July 1942 HMV C.3313

[2] I Hear You Calling Me (Harford-Marshall) Master Leslie Day Rec. May 1933 Columbia D.B.1122

[3] He was Despised (Handel) Master Denis Barthel Rec. Temple Church, London Dr. George Thalben Ball - organ 24th February 1932 HMV B.4107

[4] Who is Sylvia? (Schubert - arr. Geehl) Master Robert Harris Acc. by Leslie Jeffries & Orchestra Rec. 17th June 1934 Parlophone E.7039-1

[5] O Lord Whose Mercies Numberless (Handel) Master Frederick Firth Rec. 10th March 1928 Test Pressing 8650107 Columbia Wax 3303-1

[6] Somewhere a Voice is Calling (Newton & Tate) Master John Bonner Rec. July 1930 Columbia DB136

[7] God Shall Wipe Away all Tears (Sullivan) Master Morris Stevens With Stephani & his Silver Songsters Rec. 1936 Decca K.843

[8] O For the Wings of a Dove (Mendelssohn) Master Gordon Carter With the choir of Manchester Cathedral Rec. 1934 Rex. 8285

[9] Serenade* (Schubert) Master Frederick Firth Rec. 10th March 1928 Columbia Test Pressing & Wax Columbia 3304

[10] Smilin' Through* (Arthur A. Penn) Master Derrick Jones Ace. by Scott Wood & Orchestra Rec. 25th May 1937 Regal Zonophone Test CAR 4562-1

[11] Spring Morning (Carey) Master Walter Lawrence 1914 acoustic recording Columbia 2517

[12] If there were dreams to sell* (Ireland) Master Frederick Firth Rec. September 1928, Test Pressing Brunswick Wax BA 347

[13] Christopher Robin is saying his Prayers (A.A.Milne-H.Fraser Simson) Master Denis Wright with Doris Arnold's Kentucky Minstrels Cond. Leslie Woodgate Rec. as [1] HMV C.3313

[14] By an Old Abbey Door (Towers, Leon, Nicholls) Master Thomas Tweedie Rec, 1932 Decca F.3260

[15] Goodnight Said the Cuckoo (P.B.Harding) Master Trevor Schofield Rec .21st December 1928 Columbia 5258

[16] O Little Town of Bethlehem (H. Walford Davies) Master Denis Barthel Rec, Temple Church, London, Dr. G. Thalben Ball - organ 24th February 1932 HMV B.4285

[17] The Last Rose of Summer (Thomas Moore) Master Denis Wright Gerald Moore - piano Rec. 4th October 1941 HMV B.9231

[18] My Heart Ever Faithful (Bach) Master Frederick Firth (pictured right) Rec. 1928 Organist - Gerald Saxby Columbia 20074B

[19] Nymphs & Shepherds (Purcell) Master John Bonner Rec. September 1929 Columbia 9840

[20] Market Square* (Fraser Simson) Master Denis Wright Ace. Gerald Moore Rec. 4th October 1941 Test Pressing HMV OEA 9529

[21] The Holy City (Adams Weatherley) Master lwan Davies of the London Choir School Rec. 1931 Decca K.632

[22] For you alone (P.J.O'Reilly-Henry Geehl) Master Leslie Day Rec. as [2] Columbia DB 1122

* Released for the first time ever

Due to the age of these recordings, levels of surface noise varies between tracks

Producer's Acknowledgments: I am very grateful to Mr Stephen Beet of London whose idea it was to make this CD. Stephen has spent many hours researching and preparing the essay for this booklet. Martin Carson of Ipswich has also been of great assistance, and most of the recordings heard on this disc are taken from his collection of 78 rpm records. Sonita Cox of EMI Music Archive has been most helpful in dating some of these recordings.

Martin J Monkman, Amphion Recordings, November 1999