I was delighted to be able to add ‘The Better Land’ to my collection. In bringing these voices to the attention of a contemporary audience, Mr. Beet has done us a great service. ...Colin Baldy, opera singer and teacher, New College, Oxford.

Mr Beet has traced not only the recordings but some of the ‘boys’ as well. Nearly all display the tonal delicacy and purity much prized by the connoisseurs of this golden age of the ‘boy soprano’. They were all trained to use the pure’ head-tone’ voice with both vibrato and portamento. Mr Beet points out that cultivation of the head-tone enabled boys to continue singing soprano well after the natural voice-break; a modern example would be Aled Jones. ...Roger Tucker, Cathedral Music.

I shall never forget Denis Barthel’s ‘He was despised’ ...Patrick Carslake, Head Chorister, Worcester Cathedral, writing in Cathedral Music.

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