Michael Morley

Michael Morley has a very pretty voice, especially in its upper ranges, and he sings well in tune, and with excellent diction for the most part. In The lass with the delicate air the obvious pause between “delicate” and “air” shows that he has been carefully taught, but he rather overdoes it, and the effect is not as intended, I am sure. He sings in a way likely to appeal to a wide public. The accompaniments are well done by John Wills, and the recording, apart from a few blasts, is good. ...Gramophone December 1950

Another ‘boy with the golden voice’ as they were often referred to before the days of political correctness, Michael’s 1950 records are quite exceptional. It seems he is not the same Michael Morley, who was Head Chorister at Christ Church, Oxford in 1953. So, the search continues for the whereabouts of this boy. Four of Michael’s records are featured on this volume.

The Boys

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