Iwan Davies

"Decca gives us Iwan Davies of the London Choir School. He has an exceptionally big and rich voice and is using it well though perhaps not with perfect ease. Certainly he is short winded. Is it that he is getting on well into his teens, towards breaking point?" ...Gramophone, March 1932

Volume one of The Better Land features ‘The Little Welsh Minstrel Boy’, Master Iwan Davies singing The Holy City. He was a member of the Lonon Choir School, Grove Lane, Camberwell and was a chorister at All Souls’ Church, London. Then came a request for him to sing before their Majesties, King George V and Queen Mary in 1932 , after which (according to Pathe ) he became ‘famous overnight’. Several days later, he appeared on the Pathe Gazette. Sadly the soundtrack of this film has disintegrated, but the film survives to confirm the suspicion that Davies was ‘well into his teens’ by the time he made his records. Some have described his voice as falsetto but this is disputed by those who believe that the sound produced by Davies was generally cultivated from an early age.

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