The Debate

In October, 1999 Church Music Quarterly published an article by Stephen Beet entitled "The Lost Boys". This article described the singing style recorded on the CD 'The Better Land - Great Boy Sopranos 1914-1944'. In April, 2000 CMQ published an article entitled "The Better Land?" containing responses by Dr. Edward Higginbottom, Director of Music at New College, Oxford and Colin Baldy, vocal teacher of the choir of New College, Oxford.

Stephen Beet has written a letter to the editor of Church Music Quarterly in response to the April, 2000 article.

The Lost Boys - by Stephen Beet, CMQ, October 1999
The Better Land? - by Dr. E. Higginbottom and Colin Baldy, CMQ, April 2000
Response to 'The Better Land?' - by Stephen Beet

The Better Land

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